We have had to navigate a lot of changes over the last 9 months and this includes how we had wanted to celebrate the success of our learners. Recognising achievement means a lot to us, and to individuals, and so we were determined to make sure that this happened in some way.

Therefore, in December 2020 we remotely celebrated the achievement of our staff, partners and learners and we are delighted to announce our winners.

All very deserving winners – our partners and staff who have supported SPS through some very difficult times in 2020 and our learners who have been determined to improve their skills and find work.

Progression Award

Saher Jones


Jayni Vaghji

Self-Development Award

Alana Fortune

Highly Commended Partner

Jobcentre Cambridge

Staff Recognition Award

Tahir Hussain

Partner of the Year

Jobcentre Watford

Support Partner

Hertfordshire Adult Family Service (HAFLS)

Self-Development Award

Zein Eid Moustafa Eid

Highly Commended Partner

REED Stevenage


Tutor of the Year

 Nishita Shah

Trainer of the Year

Nicola Jesson

STRETCH Staff Award

Anoushka Thambirajah

Highly Commended Partner

The Ferry Project, Wisbech





This is the second annual SPS STRETCH awards. Our aim is to celebrate the achievement and progression of our learners, the success of our partnerships with key stakeholders and employers and our dedicated and innovative staff.

The guidance below will provide you with all of the information needed to make your nomination.

What are the award categories?

There are 7 categories this year:

  • SPS STRETCH Award Learner and Staff
  • Learner of the year
  • Employer/Partner of the year
  • Tutor/Trainer of the year
  • SPS Staff Recognition award
  • Progression award
  • Community Learning Award

Frequently Asked Questions:

Award nominations can be made by learners, partners and employers and members of staff and volunteers. There is no limit on the number of nominations you can make but you must ensure that your nomination is fully completed and demonstrates that the nominee has met the criteria for that award.
Learners can nominate themselves but staff must not nominate themselves.

For learners and employers/partners, you can nominate any who have been supported by or who have worked with SPS over the last 2 academic years.
For staff awards, you can nominate any current member of SPS staff or volunteers.

The nomination process will be live from 9am on Monday 27th May until 5pm on Friday 21st June (4 weeks). Nominations made outside of this timescale will not be accepted or included in the shortlisting process.

You should look at the nomination detail for each award (shown below) and ensure that your nomination meets the criteria. You should then complete a nomination form which can be accessed at www.sps-training.com/awards. The form should be completed in full and submitted online.
If you would rather make a paper-based nomination, then you can pick up a nomination form from any of our Centres (Bedford, Hatfield, Hertford and Stevenage) and return the completed nomination form to one of those centres before the deadline (5pm on 21st June).

All nominations will be given to an independent panel of judges on Friday 28th June (Employability Day). The judges will score the nomination against the criteria and select finalists and winners.
The SPS staff recognition award will be judged by the SPS Senior Management Team.

Finalists will be announced on 5th July and invitations will be sent to these finalists on that day. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday 2nd August.

SPS will invite all staff, employers and key stakeholders. Finalists will be allowed to bring up to 2 guests each. If you would like to bring more than 2 guests then please check with SPS before by emailing @sps-training.com

The awards ceremony will be held on Friday 2nd August at The Michael Morpurgo Theatre at Hertford Regional College. The address for this is:


Hertford Regional College
Broxbourne Campus
EN10 6AE

The ceremony will commence at 10am and conclude by 11am.

Teas and Coffees will be available for guests from 9.30am. The ceremony will then commence at 10am sharp. The ceremony will be opened with an address from the SPS Director.
The shortlist for each category will be announced by a guest presenter with a brief overview of each nomination. The winners will then be announced and invited to the stage to collect their award and have a photograph taken.
There will be an opportunity for the winner to say a few words if they wish, but this will not be mandatory for those who do not wish to.

Each winner will receive a plaque or certificate and small gift from SPS. The winners will also receive photographs of themselves taken on the day through the post after the ceremony.

There will be a photographer present on the day who will take pictures during the event, of winners on stage and group photographs afterwards. Winners will be asked to sign a waiver form to declare whether they mind their photograph being used for press coverage and for case studies and on our website.
We will be asking local press to attend on the day, but if this is not possible, we will be writing our own press release and will be sending this along with photographs to local publications.


There are 7 categories in our first year designed to demonstrate the excellent work of our learners, partners/employers and of our staff. These are:

  • SPS STRETCH Award Learner and Staff
  • Learner of the year
  • Employer/Partner of the year
  • Tutor/Trainer of the year
  • SPS Staff Recognition award
  • Progression award
  • Community Learning Award

Nominations for: Learners and Staff
This award aims to recognise a learner or a member of staff who has demonstrated the SPS STRETCH values on a regular basis and who has been an example to others showing how Support, Trust, Respect, Empower, Teamwork, Challenge and Heart can help to make success and progression possible.


  1.  We make it our priority to give learners the support they need to succeed
  2. We ensure that all staff have access to the training and development they need to do their job effectively
  3. We help learners realise their potential and achieve their personal progression aims
  1.  We do what we say we will do
  2. We provide honest feedback to customers, colleagues and stakeholders about strengths and areas for improvement
  3. We create an environment that promotes inclusion by being open, approachable and non-judgmental
  1.  We are professionals, act appropriately and respect each other’s needs and opinions
  2. We appreciate constructive feedback and use this to develop ourselves and our business
  3. We educate ourselves and others, celebrating and accepting our differences
  1.  We encourage our staff to believe in their own abilities to contribute, grow and succeed
  2. We give our learners the tools they need to make independent choices
  3. We demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude to inspire others to succeed
  1. We consider the impact of our decisions on others across the business before implementing changes
  2. We share good practice and support each other in times of need
  3. We work effectively together, utilising individual strengths to achieve common goals
  1. We lead by example to demonstrate our values and promote positive attitudes and behaviors
  2. We challenge ourselves and our learners to achieve stretching targets and exceed expectations
  3. We have an open and positive attitude to embracing change
  1.  We love what we do
  2. Our learners are at the heart of everything we do and their success is important to us
  3. We are passionate about developing people

Nominations judged by: Independent panel of Judges

Nominations for: Learners
Recognising learners who have made exceptional commitments to overcoming personal or social barriers to learning. They will have demonstrated personal dedication above and beyond expectations and will have acted as a role model to inspire others.
The award winner will be an inspiring individual who will have overcome adversity to meet their personal aims for learning.
Nominations judged by: Independent panel of Judges

Nominations for: Employers and/or Partners of SPS


Recognising excellent support in the delivery of SPS provision. The partner/employer will have demonstrated high levels of partnership working with SPS and have qualitative evidence of the positive impact they have had on transforming the lives of learners through the SPS training offer.
Nominations should clearly demonstrate how the inclusion of the employer or partner has positively impacted the learner experience.
Nominations judged by: Independent panel of Judges

Nominations for: SPS Trainers and Tutors
Recognising the commitment and dedication of frontline staff to support learners in achieving their individual aims. This individual will have shown demonstrable high levels of performance and have a sustained track record of supporting learners to achieve, been a role model and mentor to others and have shown how working in partnership with others can ensure success.
The winners (1 tutor and 1 trainer) will be a truly inspiring individual who has shown how dedication, compassion and determination can truly help individuals achieve qualifications and improve their lives.
Nominations judged by: Independent panel of Judges

Nominations for: Learners
Recognising the significant improvements learners have made in their lives as a result of their work and time with SPS Training. The individual will have started with SPS with a long-term goal in mind and will have made significant progress towards that goal. Depending on the individual and circumstances this may be small steps that have made a significant difference to their wellbeing or lives or big steps from Unemployment to university or into work.
The winner will truly demonstrate how they can make significant progression with the support of SPS Training and their own self-determination.
Nominations judged by: Independent panel of Judges

Nominations for: SPS Staff
Recognising the significant contribution that a member of staff has made to SPS Training. This could be frontline delivery staff or business support staff. This individual will have demonstrated that they are able to work flexibly, can demonstrate that they have been a support to others for a sustained period of time and that they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the company is able to fulfil its commitment to improving the lives of local individuals.
The winner will demonstrate high levels of team work, supported others to develop and is a role model for new people entering the organisation.
Nominations judged by: SPS Senior Management Team

SPS is awarded a “GOOD” by OFSTED

Staff, learners and sub-contractors at SPS Training Solutions Limited are celebrating after being awarded a ‘GOOD’ grade at their Inspection in July 2022. The Ofsted


SPS Training and Step2Skills worked together to identify, enrol and support 12 Ukrainian learners to enrol on a Customer Services course. The course has been