Our goal at SPS training is to play a part in transforming the lives of local people and to support people and business to progress and grow. To make this a reality, we need to be able to reach out across the communities we serve with a wide range of opportunities.
To maintain this coverage both geographically and through the curriculum we offer, we work with a number of subcontractors.  These are:

SPS will use subcontractors (supply chains) to optimise the effectiveness of its service delivery and will ensure that:

  • Subcontracting aligns with the SPS strategic objectives and delivery plans
  • SPS undertakes fair and transparent selection of supply chain and ensures full due diligence is completed before the award of any contracts
  • SPS and its potential partners have agreed values towards the provision of education and training

Wherever possible, SPS Training will provide all of the training it has been contracted to deliver. Where this is not possible and SPS enters into subcontracted/supply chain arrangement, it will ensure that we either:


  • Work with partners who are able to attract learners and employers that SPS would otherwise have not been able to attract.
  • Ensure supply chain/sub-contracted partners offer a different curriculum to that which SPS currently offer
  • Work with supply chain/sub-contracted partners who are able to penetrate a different geographical area to that in which SPS currently work
  • Provide immediate subcontracted provision whilst expanding direct capacity. This might include working with supply chain/sub-contracted partners to research and learn prior to making any significant investment in resources linked to its own direct delivery.
  • Work with supply chain/sub-contracted partners who can provide small scale responsive niche delivery where the cost of developing direct delivery would be inappropriate to SPS.
  • Support employers who operate across a wider operational / geographical footprint.

Halls of Ivy

Offering traineeships to 16-24 olds for the Hair and Beauty sector.

SSG Services

Offering 16-24 traineeships to the residents of Bedford and the wider Bedfordshire area

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