SPS Training and Step2Skills worked together to identify, enrol and support 12 Ukrainian learners to enrol on a Customer Services course. The course has been a huge success and will hopefully start a continued development package to support the Ukrainian refugee learners gain some of the skills that they need to help them at this difficult time, to help them gain some UK qualifications, improve their chances to gain meaningful and sustainable employment in the UK and become less reliant on the UK Benefit Services.

The Customer Service course helps to develop skills in understanding the importance of appearance and behaviour in customer service, how to deal with queries and requests, how to work in a customer focused way and how to develop effective relationships with colleagues. The class has been an exciting environment with lots of positive excitement and growth of the learners.

Some learners have commented by saying the following about the course:

Comment 1: A wonderful experience and sad to say goodbye!

Comment 2: Thank you for the skills and learning! It was useful and time went fast. I am waiting to do more courses

Comment 3: A huge thank you to SPS and Step2Skills and our amazing tutor for an outstanding course. It was a pleasure to attend, never tiring and always helpful.

Their tutors Anoushka and Rebekah said, “It was a pleasure delivering the Customer Service course to these Ukrainian ladies who came from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of experiences. Their commitment to overcome language and emotional barriers and improve their skills through engagement in group discussions, written work and class activities was outstanding and they all showed impeccable resilience. There was a beautiful ambience of comradery as learners supported each other through translation and shared experiences which no doubt aided their learning. They expressed gratitude in being able to understand ‘British culture’ including terminology and practice. For example, units covering Health and Safety procedures and Legislation highlighted differences in values (e.g., more concern is placed on people and their safety in the UK). The Induction content also  allowed for a better understanding of their Rights and Responsibilities including Safeguarding and learners expressed appreciation for British ‘kindnesses and ‘protection’”.

Claire Bowman, the senior delivery manager says, “we have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing individuals, who through unfortunate circumstance find themselves on foreign soil with very little familiarity around them.  They have all however shown amazing resilience and an incredible sense of motivation and desire to move their lives forward while they remain here.  One of the biggest challenges they face is the language barrier and understanding the UK way of life and work.  We have been able to provide an opportunity to support them to develop new skills and meet other people in a similar position to themselves, the peer support and camaraderie developed during the program will also help them to overcome some of the daily challenges they face. We are delighted to be working with them and hope it may continue as we work with Step2Skills and other partners to provide additional opportunities for personal growth and work”.

Mehul Shah, Managing Director of SPS Training commented, “It is a great opportunity for SPS to support this challenged community to develop the skills to help secure employment in the UK and more importantly, provide them with the skills to help them rebuild their home country when the war ends and the focus turns to rebuilding the war-torn Ukraine. On our next course we hope to encourage employers to join the end of our course and guarantee interviews to this very committed and resilient group of individuals to secure paid employment. Please get in touch if you are interested in offering employment opportunities”. 

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